Autumn Rain

In the evening yesterday, we had rain, thunder and lightening.  It only lasted a few hours and soon everything was calm again.

This morning there was some water lying in puddles in the parks and playing fields, but not many signs of heavy rain, except perhaps the leaves clogging the drains.

Mum and Dad are feeling much better about their bouts of influenza, but still thinking they might like a few days’ rest to recover properly.   I used up three day’s of cold and flu tablets, but the night time tablets made me physically ill so I left them off and spaced out the day time tablets more than was recommended.  After including Swedish Bitters, Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey, Milk with honey, Green tea with lemon and honey, lots of water and some chicken noodle soup at lunch time I seem to have found the right combination of healing balms. 

I sent off some JibJab Easter cards, but Mum did not like them as they were a bit too animated, including a version of the last supper with talking disciples.  She likes sweet and mild cards for Easter, with pretty music, bunnies and flowers.  I like them too, but JibJab didn’t have those.

Instead of chocolate eggs this Easter, we just had the coloured eggs in an Easter basket with little fluffy yellow chicks and tiny coloured wooden eggs hanging from the handle.  We have that most years, too, but in addition we usually have chocolate eggs. 

I preferred just the coloured eggs this year.  Especially as I am taking a 90 day fitness challenge and we had a big Lamb roast planned for Easter Sunday dinner.



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