A Mix of “New Tricks” and Online Tests

Yesterday was the deadline for my online test.  I planned the Easter Break so that I could do Easter things in between writing my Literature Review and then do the test as late as possible when the effects of my flu were the weakest.

The day for the test turned out to be the deadline day, so I started fairly early sorting papers and files to make room at my writing desk.  Now I have one fairly tidy shelf, a new set of reading material in the family’s “littlest room”/library gleaned from my magazine box, and only two piles of homeless books waiting to fit into a newly created space somewhere on some bookshelf.

Doing the test was an interesting experience.  I felt I learned a lot through interaction with the materials, and wondered why I had not tried more tests during the year to prepare for the style of thinking involved.   We don’t have a formal program of mini quizzes at the local or national level in our sport, so it would have to be on my own if I wanted to practice taking tests.

In the evening, Dad was still in bed recovering from his flu, so Mum and I watched some episodes of “New Tricks” that were recorded.  It was a nice break from watching news, soccer and current affairs which is our usual weeknight programming.

With a few hours before lights out, I completed the last few questions in the test and received instant feedback.  Not a brilliant result, but not totally disheartening, either.  In any case, I felt as though I understood the process and felt somewhat competent, if not masterful, regarding the content.

With that completed for now, I can return to the Literature Review and copious amounts of Apple Cider vinegar and honey, warm milk and honey, cold water and Swedish Bitters (not too much of that or it doesn’t stay with me for long).

Tuesday is another big day in the first week of the school holidays – the fabulous Easter Break!


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