Calm before Easter

We have had several updates to our essential services in the last few weeks. 

The ceiling panel which was damaged by the lads installing our new solar panels has been fixed.  A plasterer came and did it over a couple of days.

The microwave was sent for repairs as it stopped working.  Now it is better than ever.

Our kitchen tap was mixing hot and cold water and not shutting off properly.  Dad installed a new one of those.

The stovetop was going very hot on the lowest setting.  Two of the hotplates have not proper thermostat. We are still working on that one.

Then, of course, Mum had a cough (the 90-day cough, according to Angela), which has kept on for weeks.  Then it turned into a cold or flu.  Then Dad and I came down with a flu on the same day.  This is day three for me.  I am feeling a bit more human, at last.  Poor Mum, though, is still battling the effects.

Anyway, I am back to researching and writing.  The literature review is taking shape but I have to read through the lecture notes before continuing.  In the meantime I have an online exam to prepare for and the thesis to continue updating.

Fortunately, we have some rain lately, which means I can pull weeds in the garden in a day or two.  This also means the temperature is below 30 Celsius for a few days, which is a real blessing, seeing as we are in Autumn now.



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