My master’s thesis rewrite is looking feasible

Today I moved a few files to the filing cabinet to make room for my thesis rewrite.

The binder with my examiners’ reports was close by, as was the thesis print-out. It took some time to locate the main files, including the bibliography file which was on a USB drive.

However, before very long, there it was, ready for tweaking. I found the template for recording the tweaks and started to fill in the blanks. It must be said that it is not all that daunting, once commenced.

Looking at the survey website, it seems that I had an 85% response rate without the seven extra paper-based surveys. That is an excellent result. I will still need to find my list of invitations, though, to check the numbers.

Sadly, Mum has a cough with her influenza and has been confined to bed for most of the last three days. Today she went to the doctor as her stomach muscles are very tired from coughing. The good thing about doing my thesis at home is that I can check up on her if she needs anything.

Amazingly, my flu Inokulation from last year seems to be helping to keep me flu free. It is certainly worth it if it means I can make some progress with my thesis.

In the meantime, I started reading for a literature review on careers and soon found links to my thesis. Actually, it is not so much links as a new perspective now that I have the thesis in good shape. This is encouraging, as my focus for the literature review might be something that is meaningful for me.


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