Not quite the 90 day challenge

News on the 90 day challenge is that it is not starting yet in Australia, so I unticked the box on the website and am continuing to prepare.

So far, I have been getting up about an hour before dawn, now that it is Autumn, and checking e-mail and updates.  Then I go for a 30-40 minute jog with our dog.

This morning I made an oat and raisin slice in the microwave that was perfect for breakfast. I also make a great salad sandwich and smoothie.  Those are the basics which will fit in to any day, whether I go to the city or am called out to teach in a local school.

I think I need to call a meeting to invite people on the challenge.  Suitable venues are health food shops, alternative therapy places, community halls and other meeting rooms.  I would like to see my way clear to doing this with a minimum of fuss and at just the right time.

Meanwhile, I have the jogging arranged, but not the resistance training.  That is actually the easy part, as I have a couple of weights under the bed for pumping some iron whenever I need a break from a study routine.  The exercises to do are fairly OK – knee high jogging, double arm rows, overhead presses and the like.  I’m sure I can do some every second day, starting as soon as possible.  I just need to remind myself.

Then there is the fish oil tablets – done.  Multi-vitamin – done.  Lots of water to drink – yes, I have been doing this for several weeks now. 

Today I bought some super greens in a container with some Aloe Vera for Mum’s cough.  I tried it too, and the spirulina is very obvious.  She has had the coughfor a couple of weeks and now has a cold as well.  Apparently it is going around and can last for three months!!! Angela was here yesterday and said she had the cold last week.

So Mum is resting and has sore stomach muscles from all the coughing.  The chemist said not to suppress the cough as it is not good to allow it to settle on the chest.  I guess Mum will end up with very strong abdominal muscles after a few days of that.

Although Mum won’t be doing the 90 day challenge, she has challenges of her own.  I am thinking how much better we will all feel in a few weeks’ time.


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