90 Day Challenge

Over the next 90 days my plan is to watch my diet and add some exercise to record my progress and analyse what works.

I have two very small before photos showing front and side.  The plan is to include lots of vegetables, one meal is a protein shake and the others have some protein with fruit and/or vegetables. 

Gradually, I am adding exercises.  I prefer body weight and resistance exercises.

My plan is to think up something nice I would like to add to my routine, such as a hot bath or using a couple of tennis balls in a sock to massage my spine.  Then I anticipate how nice they will be while sorting out how to make them part of my routine.  Just doing the new thing works well, too.

As well as adding things, I like to take something out or away.  In this case it is paperwork and clutter.  There the plan is to find things to sell on gumtree or somewhere similar.  I need simplicity and less clutter so badly.  At present it is a bit like a chaotic medieval library in my study area.

Anyway, I plan to measure my progress each week and photograph my results.  Then I will see how the experiment went.


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