One down..

Today I wrote a good draft of my literature review.  It was on bipolar, then depression, then bipolar again with a passing reference to bipolar I.  Anyway, it is in reasonably good shape.  I am letting it rest for a day and tomorrow will sort it out and post it in.

It was quite distracting.  So much so, in fact, that I missed my Rec Cross blood donation appointment.  Actually, that wasn’t so bad, as I was very tired yesterday and probably not in the best shape to give blood.  I made another appointment for a couple of weeks’ time.

Finishing the literature review seemed impossible these last two weeks, as the topic seemed to shift so much.  It is such a relief to have it in decent shape.  I like to have it in reasonable shape so that the mark I receive in the end is not as important as the sense of accomplishment.

I know there is another literature review for the companion subject in this course.  It is due fairly soon, so I will be confident about tackling that, expecting it to involve many changes as well.  Also, I feel better about the thesis which I have put off to sort out my learning style in Education as compared with Information Technology, where the thesis is being written.

Although I have taken on some subjects related to professional development as a teacher and counsellor/trainer, I really should be able to just sit down and finish the last draft of my 50,000 word thesis.  It appears to be possible now that I have almost finished the assessment for my introductory educational counselling subject.

All the effort took its toll on Sunday, yesterday, when I slept a lot.  I call it hibernation.  It usually happens on cold days, when I spend a day on the weekend just sleeping, sometimes reading.

This time, I felt as though something big was going to happen, something for which I have been preparing with mental discipline rather than physical training.  With any luck that something will be related to finishing the thesis.  I really hope so.


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