Talking to Los Angeles

My friend in LA e-mailed in the morning to say that her Track appointment was cancelled and could I call her on Skype.  I have USA as an unlimited call destination on my Skype, so I called her on the telephone to sort out the Skype session.

The connection was quite good on the telephone but did drop out a bit with the Skype video.  I was actually about to tidy up and dress in my shorts and t-shirt when she called, so the time in between the e-mail and her going online was a whirlwind of activity at my place.

Five minutes later, I was looking respectable for a video camera but the call still took five minutes longer to come through with her logging on and starting up the program.  I managed to change the linen in my room, tidy up and start some reading by the time she was online.

It ended up that we spoke for over an hour.  That’s amazing, even if it was just my video camera on and I looked pretty basic.  I don’t understand why I do this so infrequently.  I know people in lots of places, and my Mum is on Skype to Germany or South Africa pretty well daily.

Facebook is getting weird because nobody wants to post what they think anymore.  So I think Skype is better as it allows you to just talk with people.

Anyway, back to my exam and hitting the books.  Literature review, here I come…


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