Chiropractor Visit

I quite like the local chiropractor and his work.  It has been some time since I visited and I have had a couple of falls in between, so now is the time. 

Registering again is interesting, because of the diagrams and questions about my current “presenting” problem.  The disclaimers seem to stretch on forever, nowadays and provide some information on the risks and worst-case scenarios.

As I sat in the patient’s chair having my neck examined, I remembered the ergonomics at my work desk, which are not ideal.  A few manipulations later, and the neck and spine were settling into their new positions.

Throughout the week, I noticed that I felt better, with less tension in my upper body.  The first follow-up appointment was to check how it all settled in.  So next visit was a bit of a novelty with a soft kind of accupuncture apparatus that had little balls or blocks in it to make little punches on my neck and shoulders.


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