Online study

Yesterday two CDs and some other things arrived in a padded envelope from the university.  They have all the course information for each of my subjects.  The information is also available online, but it takes a bit longer to find all the correct links.

My books arrived from the bookshop and I am really interested in the way they are arranged.  There is a study guide, the actual book, an online interactive book accessed by a token and another text. 

When I went online to see how they worked, it was really good and easy to follow.  There are mini-quizes and lots of helpful links.  It is all very impressive.

This morning I went to the ABC Radio National site to find a three-part radio series for another subject.  It is very well produced and the sound quality is awesome.  As it is an mp3 format, I think I can listen to it when I am not at the computer, especially in the bus and that sort of thing.

Currently, I listen to someone called Godin talk about entrepreneurship.  It is a brilliant overview of some of the current ways of talking and thinking in the US.  Also, I am ploughing through a six and a half hour online DVD of Dr James Phelps on DSM-V, a very controversial and influential publication.

Amongst all this, my pile of notes and books on the desk is growing.  I stopped in at Woolworths and purchased a $1.69, 240 page exercise book on Thursday.  If not using that, I take my pink plastic clipboard with A4 hole-punched paper for putting in thin, plastic page display books.  They work well for teaching, so I think I can keep track of my study sujbects this way, too.

The other thing is submitting assignments.  Everyone seems to like paper-based assignments.  This means refilling the ink cartridge on the printer at home or paying for the pages at the library.  It seems a minor hurdle, but it is astonishingly expensive and encourages me to write shorter and more technical pieces.

This week I have been surprised by a couple of “free” online courses turning up in my e-mail inbox.  One, on nutrition, was excellent.  It is a five-day course which serves as an advertisement for an online nutrition course. 

All in all, these last couple of weeks have been very interesting and surprisingly OK as far as accessing information, technology and all manner of online and face-to-face professional development activities go.

Now to face up to the online exam for football officiating.  Oh, joy!


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