There are a couple of ways for me to find industry mentors.  One is through the ACM and the other through the university.

This morning I went to an information session to find out about how the mentoring relationship works.  It has given me lots of hope for finding a way into industry when I don’t really know anyone who might help with finding work.

I have already registered and uploaded my details for the ACM.  The mentor I selected was not available.  However, with the university, the process starts in about three weeks, so I will be keen to find out how it goes.

Last night I went to a training session for NAPLAN markers presented by Lee Willett.  She would be a good mentor, particularly if I am selected to work for three weeks marking exam papers with her team.

Suddenly, I could think of many people who would be great mentors.  It also dawned on me that I could get an inside view of industries that appeal to me where the work I did for my thesis might convert to value for the company.

It’s really great to see the future open up in some small way as I continue updating my thesis for the final submission.


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