Took a Lot of Notes

Saturday at the university was good.  I collected an assignment and did well on it.  I think that is a little success for me seeing as it is a new area of study in Counselling and Guidance.

The presenters are all experienced lecturers in the Education Faculty, so there were a few inspirational moments when things started to make sense.  I also learned a lot from the Faculty Librarians, which I was quick to try at home afterwards.

I met some international students, one studying Forensic Accounting who is from Russia!  Apparently our orientation session was relevant for her, too!!!! Also, there was a teacher who lives in Bli Bli and works in Caboolture who is doing some interesting things with her students.  We disussed using ICT with STEM students and I discussed my plans for a PhD with her. 

Surprisingly, there are a lot of resources available online related to Vocational Education and Training and my professional development.  I like the idea of a career as being not just about paid employment, which explains why every one I have met recently vehemently claims they have twenty years’ experience in any number of fields.  Twenty seems to be the magic number for the generation between Baby Boomers who took all the teaching, nursing, doctor, policy and policing jobs and Generation X who all went out and designed jeans, swimwear, music videos, other clothes and did anything related to starting out a business in their parents’ garage and then selling the products to their parents’ work buddies and families.

Having left off using EndNote and Word for a while, I am now back to sorting out my writing and considering using them again, as they are strongly recommended in Education.  Apparently, marks are usually deducted for poor referencing, so there will be a lot of data sorting, e-filing and the like to keep up with the requirements and make life easier for markers as well as students.