This Week at School

I’m teaching for a week at a high school which includes a swimming carnival on Friday and yesterday after school there were Professional Development sessions.  It has been easy finding my way around the school, as the layout is fairly compact.

Justine is another teacher who is working this week at the school and has been there for five years.  She knows everyone around the place and is a lovely person, as are all the teachers. 

The change of pace has motivated me to tidy up my books and papers a bit more.  This morning there was good general feedback from the counselling interview I videoed and sent in to be marked.  Next up is one of many literature reviews.  Love literature reviews…

On the way home yesterday I stopped by Coles and bought a couple of straight skirts and T-shirts for school and that kind of work as my other clothes are mostly for office work and study.  I wear shorts and a polo shirt mostly at home, with sneakers.

So today I will try out the new outfit and pick a colour T-shirt – probably blue, as the school colour is  mostly blue.  It’s nice to have a choice of colour in one’s T’s….