Video Report Finalised

The video which I shot with another teacher in role play early in January has been evaluated.  It was about micro skills in counselling, which were then evaluated in the report.  Apparently, the assessment mode was formative rather than summative.

I realised that it has been a long time since I submitted a paper-based assignment, as most of the work I do now it online.  There is always the problem of keeping the printer ink primed, as mine is almost empty.  Also, it is a leap of understanding to actually print it out as single-sided sheets, rather than on both sides of the paper.  I have to remember to check with the tutor about that one.

It turns out that posting the assignments in it’s cardboard folder with DVD and bulldog clip is cheaper than the petrol needed to drive in to the city and back.  All these minor cost details become very important in the life of a student, although most students in this course are in paid, full-time employment as teachers.

Next up is a literature review.  As a teacher, it seems that literature reviews are popular for each of the subjects in a Master’s in Education.  No doubt I will be very good at doing them by the time I finish.


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