Researching, Writing and Teaching

This week I started learning PHP from a book and online.  I watched some videos and am trying to figure out where to host the server-side of dynamic web sites with a very stretched budget.

Writing this week involves responding to examiner’s comments on my thesis, organising a reflection on a video I recorded for Educational Counselling, working on a professional portfolio with two assignments in Theology, and planning out my study timetable.

Fortunately, I have been able to schedule most due dates for assignments around things like electricity cuts and falling ceilings from ex-Cyclone Oswald.  Offers for my professional development courses have been gradually filtering through to my e-mail and post.  I found a Groupon Project Management course with the features I require, and already have one in Cisco networking.

Generally, it is a good time to be doing professional development and study in between supply teaching, as the resources are incredibly improved from even last year.

Next week I have a full week of teaching lined up at a local school, which is the best news I have had all week.  Around this time of year I have a lot of insurance and registrations due, so it will help to start paying those up to about March/April.

Even watching early-morning television is helping me to sort ideas and current topics, as I like the BBC news, detective shows, National Geographic and current affairs mostly.

To balance all this out, I have been trying some Pilates, stepping and walking with Max, our dog.  Also, my personal training web site listing at meetyour.com.au has turned into a paid 30 day trial.  I would like to continue with it, but will check the finances to see whether an annual subscription will be feasible.