Ina Called

Today I was surprised to hear from Ina, who used to be a registrar at Fitness Queensland in an earlier embodiment before Fitness Australia was formed.  I think it was QFAC at the time.

She is updating some details on a database and called me to check my contact information.

It was great to hear from her, and most unexpected, so I will wait to see if she sends me an e-mail when she gets home later today to catch up for coffee and the like.  Apparently she works with older adults in falls prevention.  This sounds really interesting and I would like to find out more from her.  She is a lovely lady who has helped me a lot with the changes in the Fitness Industry over the years. I guess you would call her a legend of the industry, in many ways.

Working with older adults also suits my lifestyle, as there are a few venerable oldies in the family due to Dad having so many brothers and sisters.

I was up early this morning catching some news from the UK and watching a bit of the second NFL game with Baltimore, I think it was.  Apparently the recent census in the UK found that half a million people are Polish speaking migrants who came to the UK mostly when Poland joined the EU.  So it seems Polish is the second language of England. 




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