Storm Energy

The wild winds and crashing waves brought on by the weather pattern formerly known as Tropical Cyclone Oswald have cleared the sky and the air.  This morning the sea was like glass, smooth and glistening in the early sun.  I felt full of energy and ready to face the world after we survived with only one tree uprooted, an awning bent right down and a few split green passionfruit litterning the garden.

Our electricity was off for about a day, mostly due to the two gum trees down the street that fell onto each other and the overhead electrical wires.  Today when I went past, the trees were neatly cut up into lengths and stacked at the fence of the house.

Many schools are closed today due to the extra high tides bringing water down to the CBD from northern areas affected by the weather event.  High tides are at midnight and midday.  By tomorrow things should have calmed down a bit as the weather pattern heads through New South Wales.

As we walked up the road this morning, I was kicking stray sticks from the gum trees that line the sides of the road.  I pushed them to the side so that people wouldn’t trip.  Later on I saw some school children pedalling up the footpath on their bicycles, on their way to the first day of school for the new year.

The people who installed our solar panels on the roof came back to check them.  They said they were looking for serial numbers, but I guess they were checking that the panels were still secure and undamaged.  I was mopping the floor at the time they came.  It was very nice of them to check back with us.



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