Australia Day 2013

Today is Australia Day.  After many weeks of hot, dry weather, we have been fortunate to experience a cool change with some light rain.  Further up the Queensland coast, however, the story is not so cheerful with cyclone Oswald bearing down to the area just north of us from Cairns.

Recent weather reports predict 100-150mm of rain in our area, just two years after major flooding throughout the region.  We have heard that the Wivenhoe dam has been opened to allow for a great influx of water, if required.  Most people seem to be staying at home instead of going out to bar-b-que some sausages for Australia Day.

Last night I watched Ita Buttrose receive the Australian of the Year award from Prime Minister Julia Gillard.  All the awards were very interesting, particularly the young Australian of the Year, Akram Azimi who is originally from Afghanistan.  Their work and influence on lives is very impressive.

The interview on ABC radio with Akram is a bit more relaxed than his very polished acceptance speech.


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