Writing Papers

I have a new goal, which is to write three papers for publication based on my thesis.  There are some co-authors who I hope to invite, to lend weight to my work.  They are my supervisors and associate supervisors.

Although I have been planning to do this for a while, I will now need to move quickly so that it is done before I start my next project.  Lately, I have been trying to make a start and work on a timeline for things that need to be written sooner rather than later.

The first paper is a summary of my results.  I have downloaded the template for submissions in Word format and will need to revise the reference style.

I think it’s more fun when there are co-authors.

In Monday’s “The Australian“, as I was reading it this morning, I noticed an article about journalism and writing even if there is nothing to say.  The character in the cartoon was saying that he wrote four times a day to earn his bread and butter.  That is a nice number for writing, which could be one blog, plus work on one article, plus an online course, plus other research notes.

25 January 2013

My Associate Supervisor e-mailed me to say that I should have three draft papers ready by the weekend so that we can discuss how to go forward with publication.  I am quite happy with this, as it shows that things are moving in the world of publication and writing.

26 January 2013

This weekend is the Australia Day long weekend.  That gives me three days to draft 3 outlines for 3 papers and send them to my supervisors.  It seems I have a proper meeting about my thesis on Tuesday afternoon.  The main take-home message from last Tuesday is that I must finish the thesis.



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