Olive Leaf Extract

For the last few days, I have been taking a teaspoon of olive leaf extract once or twice a day to see if it helps me to feel better or do anything better.  Mainly, I was thinking it would help prevent colds and flu symptoms.

I take it with a small amount of water in a glass and it tastes fine.  It does seem to pep up my system in some way, as I feel a bit more cheerful than usual and generally feel quite well while taking it.

Perhaps it is just the change that gives me a new perspective?  In any case, I quite like it and trust that it is doing me some good.

Next on my list of things to try is lentil patties with a range of things like grated orange peel, bread crumbs, crushed wheat biscuits and the like.  I think I am trying to include convenient vegetables in my diet.

I quite like sweet potato with silver beet, onion and garlic.  Salt, pepper, tumeric and paprika go well with this, or just salt and pepper with a bit of olive oil.


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