Walking with Max

Yesterday Max and I went down to the beach at around tea time and found that it was busy with lots of people out enjoying the cooler air of early evening.  There were even people at the open air basketball court, but they were mostly standing around.  A few people were also walking with their dogs, some were having fish and chips at the corner “Boat House” and many were sitting at the wooden table and chair settings, chatting.

It’s great to see people out and about on a weekend after the heat of the day.  By the time we walked back home, I was fairly warm and had a shower to cool off.

We had been to see some relatives two hours’ drive away during the day.  It was so nice to see some trees and paddocks, the emu farm, all the new roads and bridges and of course to catch up with everyone.  Although it was 35 Celsius at midday, we stayed in the shade and chatted.  There were three miniature black poodles to make frieds with as well.

My brother had a water toy that sprinkled water in the garden for the children to play under.  John went to sleep on a mattress in the back of his tray back utility which was parked in the shade of some gum trees.  DJ sat outside on the rattan chairs while we had a salad sandwich and caught up on the family news.  Marissa had been to Noumea and showed her photos.  Ayyda had a teddy bear all in white that could be coloured in using washable ink textas.  Nan had a scar on her leg from her heart bypass operation.

It was Lynda’s birthday, but sadly her Aunty Mel had passed away that same day.  She was fairly quiet but kept herself busy.  Ayyda showed me the coloured balloons which they had filled with air earlier in the day.  The spare bed was covered in balloons.  They had been busy.

Mum was happy because the drive there was the first day out she had been on for a long time.  She enjoyed driving and was happy to be in all the right lanes at all the right times, even with the new roads.  However she was keen to be home in time for dinner, so after a few hours we were on our way with two dozen fresh eggs from Peter’s chickens.


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