RAD and Business Requirements Analysis

This morning I was checking out the usefulness of Rapid Application Development (RAD) for business requirements.

Along with RAD is prototyping as related ways to obtain details from a client on their business requirements for a particular product or process.  It’s interesting that information technology plays such a big role in organising business processes when this side of consultancy is considered.

Also, project management methodologies can include this type of approach to align business requirements with resources and existing business processes.  Essentially a project is a way of marshalling funds to do things in a business that aren’t part of the regular budget.  If it was clear in the first place why the project outcomes are needed, the funds would already be there or the work would be part of existing processes.

This leads to the process of change management and leading cultural change in an organisation.  Through clever market penetration of hand held mobile devices and a range of increasingly portable laptops and tablets, people are well used to the change that is required to be able to be connected and productive in a bring-your-own-device (byod) environment.

There is not a disjuntion between the machines and training provided in an organisation to do the work of that organisation and the devices and skills being developed by the workforce to increase productivity and connectedness.


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