Finding out about 30-60-90 planning

When a person wants to plan and talk about it in a trendy way, it seems the 30-60-90 plan is the thing to do.

Having found mention of this, I looked it up using blunt tools such as Google(TM) and found three good summaries.

Although it can mean several things, in general it is about setting goals and analysing a business challeng/opportunity in monthly steps for three months.  Being proactive, you find out what the business environment and competition are like and start mapping out the networks and people skills required.  Check against performance targets and top standards for achievement and methodically check to see how things are progressing, based on goals and revision of goals.

Actually, I conflated this a bit with interview skills.  Giving and receiving performance feedback, paricularly for annual performance reviews, is part of the general picture with interviews.  I guess this is a bit like asking what are the selection criteria for progession in the company at any given work level.  There’s nothing like being direct and planning for a compliance framework.


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